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Dia with “Qwerty” keyboard on US download link…
and "Azerty" keyboard on FR link

The zip contains the native DIA for each model of Palm.

Some DIA are envisaged to be used with a dark keyboard font color ...
To keyboard's font color my council is to use the FreeWare utility
“KeyColors " which you can which you can download at this address
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  Version:   1     1  
  Requirements: Minimum Palm OS 5.0
 Resolution:High Res High Res + High Res +, landscape
  Licence: freeware
  Added on: 2006/03/27, 22:26:30
  File Size:   1 MB     1 MB  
  Nb of Downloads:   852     791  
  Last Download:   2022/05/17, 01:40:26     2022/05/12, 12:26:45  
  Other Features : Wifi Handle Memory cards 
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